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Our boarding cattery is made up of single and double chalets which can accommodate up to 5 cats together from a single family.

Each chalet is made up of two levels with a ramp linking them. The upper level holds a heated basket, or baskets for multiple use, with clean vet bedding and windows overlooking the farm and woodland. On the lower level a cat flap gives access to an exterior run, with sun shelf that is fully roofed to give protection against the elements.

Sneeze screens between each chalet and exercise area minimise the risk of disease spread.

From Christmas 2015, we also offer a range of ‘log cabin’ accommodation for cats. These are designed to house families of two or more cats together. If you prefer the new log cabin accommodation, please specify this on making your booking.

Central heating
The boarding cattery has central heating installed for use during winter or cold weather.

‘Each chalet/log cabin is also supplied with an igloo type bed which gets really toasty inside.

We feed your cat the same diet as you do at home, or you are welcome to bring their own food at a reduced daily rate. If they lose their appetite we will tempt them with tuna, pilchards, chicken etc.

For bookings or further information please call us on 01636 626522 or email