Boarding Kennels

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Main Kennel Block

Pens vary in size according to size of dog or the number of dogs sharing. Each pen has an indoor sleeping area with basket and vet bedding and an outdoor exercise run that is fully roofed to provide protection from the sun and rain. These face onto peaceful farm and woodland.

Office/Isolation Kennels

In addition to the main kennel block, we have some kennels located in a quiet area which are ideal for elderly/nervous dogs or puppies who have not been in kennels before. See prices for more information or call us on 01636 626522.


We have 4 large converted stables which are heated, suitable for larger dogs or families of 4/5 dogs

Central Heating

In winter and cold weather, our heating operates 24/7 to ensure dogs are kept warm and comfortable at all times.


We pride ourselves on our exercise facilities and routine. Boarders are walked 3 times per day and in addition are let out for playtime in between walks. Friendly dogs are exercised in groups of 4, but we comply with customers wishes if you prefer to be walked alone. Aggressive dogs are of course walked alone.


Your dog will be fed the same diet at the same time as you feed at home. If your dog has an unusual or special diet, you can bring your own food at a reduced daily rate.


All annual vaccinations must be up to date. From April 2015, we are insisting that all dogs are vaccinated against kennel cough. This must be done at least 2 weeks prior to boarding. In the unlikely event that an outbreak occurs, we will do everything possible to prevent it spreading. However, should your dog require veterinary attention for this or any other reason, we will use your vet wherever possible.

Unfortunately we are not able to cover your vets bills for long term/ current illnesses/ conditions however most other vets bills will be covered by our insurance.

For bookings or further information please call us on 01636 626522